Lady Gaga's performance at the 2013 American Music Awards was rich in American history, drenched in 'ARTPOP' flair. She started out seated at a desk and answering phones, acting as the secretary to the president, played by her duet partner R. Kelly. It was all uphill from there.

When Gaga called Kelly "Mr. President," we couldn't help but think of Marilyn Monroe, thanks to the late star's association with JFK, along with Gaga's big, platinum waves and scarlet lipstick, as well as her curvy body and sparkly, gold bodysuit. She also called him "Robert," which is what that "R" stands for.

They proceeded to perform the song, with Gaga gyrating on the president's desk while he looked up her skirt. It was sexified.

Other interesting moments during the highly entertaining performance?

Well, R. Kelly told his aides that he didn't know "this girl" and left the stage so he could get back to serving the country. That's when Gaga performed atop the piano, with an image of her tickling the ivories as a little girl flashing on the screen behind her.

Oh, then there was this moment when R. stopped singing and the music went silent, and he asked who put the photos of them on Instagram. That's an indictment of our digital, share-all culture, for sure. The prez can't be having no incriminating photos on Instagram. Imagine what BIll Clinton would have gone through if Instagram existed during the Monica Lewinsky scandal?!

The stage set up also featured newspaper headlines, which screamed "Lady Gaga Is Over," were also another way for Gaga and R. Kelly to point out that their song is about the media can effect their flesh, but not their minds.

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