Out of the 271 nominated lakes, Lake Superior has taken the crown as the contest winner for the 'Most-Loved Lake in Minnesota'.

Minnesota Public Radio ran a month-long contest with voting to decide which lake in the land of 10,000 would win. At the end of it all, the final was a battle between our beloved Lake Superior and Lake Kabetogama. Kabetogama put up a good battle but it's tough to take down one of the greatest bodies of water this planet has ever seen.

The facts surrounding Lake Superior always make me shake my head in amazement even though I've seen them multiple times. It blows my mind how big the lake is. According to the Minnesota Sea Grant in connection with the University of Minnesota, the surface area of Lake Superior is the size of Maine (31,700 mi²). An entire state! Then the fact that Lake Superior has enough room to hold all the water of the other Great Lakes, in addition to three more Lake Eries is plain mind boggling.

In the end, it's easy to see why Lake Superior was given the title of 'Most-Loved Lake in Minnesota'. Kings stay kings for a reason.



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