When Lil Kim picks a feud with someone, she goes hard or goes home. And this rapper is not going home!

Kim is dissing Nicki Minaj yet again, just days after she released an unofficial remix of Beyonce and the Nicki’s collaboration version of ‘Flawless.’ In her version, the ‘How Many Licks’ star comes after Queen Barbz with, “Queen rap? F--- outta here.”

Lil Kim’s new single ‘Identity Theft’ throws even more shade at Nicki, with condemning verses like: “I won’t stop till I see my enemies rest / They probably get locked up for identity theft / I ain’t got time for bum bitches / The gun hidden, I come with it / Anything you tryna do, I done did it.”

If that’s not obvious enough, her cover art for the single is pretty blatant. It’s a copy of a N.J. driver license with all of Kim’s information, except in the place of her photo is a pic of Nicki in a cropped green wig.

Kim tweeted a photo of the cover art followed by a collage of photos of the two rappers in similar poses — suggesting that Nicki copied Kim, since hers were photographed after, of course.

This situation is getting messier and messier!

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