Outside of pushing for a Mean Girls sequel and other roles, Lindsay Lohan has recently spent a lot of her time in Turkey voicing her support for the Syrian refugees and speaking out against the crisis they endure.

While visiting The View on Monday, Lohan talked about her new sense of activism and her inspiration for devoting time to a cause. "I was in Turkey and I saw everything that's going on with a lot of the kids...I love working with children," she said on camera. "When I was in Turkey, I was there for a work thing and I [told myself] 'you know what? I'm in such a different place in my work life and headspace, and I have the time now where I can go and do some good. I can get on the ground and see what's happening, and draw attention to it in a positive way to bring people awareness."

The 30-year-old actress admitted that visiting with the kids was "hard" at first. "I cried right away, right off the bat. These kids..feel safe in these container camps because they're not scared of bombs going off every second. You see just see that they have this light inside of them."

On her new sense of purpose after a whirlwind life, Lohan said, "You just really have to take your time with things and find wha make you happy at the end of the day. It's not always there materialistic things that are going to be there for you in the end."

Check out the video clip above to hear more about Lohan's activism, as well as her experience with addiction and spirituality.

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