Curious to know what a 1,000-foot ship sounds like underwater? That's just what one man did in Duluth as the James R. Baker came through the Canal in Duluth.

YouTuber Paul Scinocca has been uploading videos of ships arriving or departing, day or night in Duluth. He also offers multiple camera views as well. When he uploaded his latest video of a ship coming into the Duluth Harbor with underwater sound, he stated that years ago one of his YouTube followers mentioned that he should stick a camera underwater to record the sounds.

After trying to do it a few times, he finally captured one that is presentable. He captured the James R. Barker coming into the Harbor on September 3rd, 2022. The ship was coming in to load Iron Ore at the CN Dock.

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He stated that the camera was suspended 5 feet under the surface and plans on his next recording being a little deeper. You can hear some turbulence under the surface when the ship passes by as Paul stated it bounced the camera around like a bobber.

The James R. Barker happens to be the first 1000-foot class vessel constructed entirely on the Great Lakes, and was built by American Ship Building Company in Ohio. The ship was named for Interlake’s Chairman of the Board.

In 2015 she was the last vessel to carry deliver coal to the Consumers Energy's B.C. Cobb plant in Muskegon. In 2017, she was the first freighter to carry Cliff's new mustang pellets. She also has a self-unloading system that includes three cargo hold belts and a 250-foot boom, and is capable of discharging cargo in about eight hours. Check out the video below to see what fish hear as the mighty vessel comes into the Harbor:

You can also check out the tugboat 'Lake Superior', sinking into the Duluth Harbor that happened earlier this year.

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