Kids these days, right? Actually this one is pretty harmless, but I stumbled on some of this information that made me actually have a discussion with my kids. I asked them if they were taught stop, drop, and roll. We all grew up with it, and I thought it was pretty self explanatory until I read about some kids who were actually being put in danger because they didn't understand when it was appropriate.

My kids learned in 4k what "Stop! Drop, and roll" means. If you or your clothes catch on fire you're supposed to hit the ground and roll around until the flames go out. However, the problem that has been happening in some cases is that kids stop, drop, and roll in every fire situation. For example if they are inside of a burning building, the little kids in some cases have hit the floor and rolled around instead of getting out of the house as soon as possible.

It sounds ridiculous and pretty far fetched, but State Fire Marshals have actually started awareness campaigns to make sure parents and educators get the message right to their kids. The National Fire Protection Association even mentions it in the very first steps in their education guide. It happens that much.

It's important to keep our kids safe and be sure that they don't sometimes take things to literally. Make sure your smoke detectors have good batteries in them. Practice fire drills with your family and make sure you have a meet up point.

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Do what you can to keep everyone safe, and remember if your clothes do catch on fire, Stop! Drop! And Roll!

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