Remember back when a particular Kickstarter Campaign drew local attention because the filmmaker wanted to title the movie, "Duluth Is Horrible?"  Remember how we heard that many of the donations to fund that project were local donations?  Well here's your chance to actually be IN that movie.

According to his blog, the man behind "Duluth Is Horrible" is Vincent Gargiulo. His vision for the film is:

A series of vignettes chronicling a few lonely people in Duluth, MN searching for a connection in a bleak winter. It's a comedy. Sorta.

According to the blog, "Duluth Is Horrible," Vince is an award winning filmmaker whose work has been featured and shown on Lopez Tonight, the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Attack of the Show, TMZ Live, Right This Minute, Cartoon Brew, San Francisco Independent Film Festival, and more.

If that sounds like your kind of thing--there's a Casting Call scheduled.

Find all the details on the film and casting call HERE.