Theresa Caputo a New York mother and wife and star of TLC's 'Long Island Medium' brings her gift of channeling the dead to Duluth this fall.

Caputo is now bringing her life on the road traveling to cities to talk about her life and give audience members readings throughout the show. She'll be at the Amsoil Arena October 20th and the show will focus on her day to day life while being interrupted by messages from the dead.

I've always been on the fence with the whole other world thing. No one really knows what happens after you die, but I have hard time believing some people can actually talk the dead. I'm still waiting for those unexplainable moments before I can believe someone can actually communicate with spirits.

You can read the full article on from the Duluth News Tribune here. Let me know what you think of 'Long Island Medium' coming to Duluth in the comments. Below is a video of Caputo on The Meredith Vieira Show with what I'm assuming will be similar to what she'll be doing at her Duluth show.