Riding high off his recent appearance at the White House, Seattle rapper Macklemore decided to celebrate the career milestone by crashing a wedding in Washington D.C. on Saturday (May 14). Coaxed by his mom, Julie Schott, the 32-year-old star walked into a South Asian wedding reception in a hotel in D.C. and proceeded to dance with the wedding party and guests.

Mack documented most of the night on his Snapchat, writing "When your mom tells you to crash the wedding" on one of the videos. The guests who knew who he was seemed more than happy to have the rapper there and the wedding's DJ even played Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' 2013 hit single "Thrift Shop" in celebration of their unexpected guest.

The former XXL Freshman has been living his truth and has plenty to celebrate these days. The new father dropped his sophomore album This Unruly Mess I've Made and got quite the response from the music world for tackling the issue of white privilege in hip-hop. And just this weekend, Macklemore visited the White House as President Obama's special guest for the POTUS weekly address. Macklemore was there to discuss the topics of opioid abuse and addiction, a topic Mack is familiar with given he's been recovering from drug addiction for most of his career. The MC's appearance is historic, as he’s the first non-administration official to join a weekly presidential address.

When XXL caught up with Macklemore for the spring 2016 issue, the Seattle rhymer was candid about how he wanted to use his music to tell the truth.

"To me it’s like, “Can we talk about insecurities? Can we talk about anxiety?” I think that the general public doesn’t want us to be human," Mack explained to Kris Ex. "They don’t want us to tell you what it’s actually like: “I didn’t really want to get makeup on and they put makeup on me and now I feel orange.” If you actually tell the people that, then all of a sudden the mystique is gone, the allure is gone, the fantasy is gone. And for me to be able to admit that on record from certain things I’ve heard, like, “Macklemore is so this, or feels so guilty, or has anxiety, or whatever.” To me, it’s the exact opposite to be able to say that on a record because it’s the truth. People are telling you lies because the insecurity is easier to package than it is to actually tell the people what’s going on in our heads."


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