Jesus Florentino of Madison Wisconsin is no ordinary Uber Driver, or really ordinary guy for that matter. He dropped everything to assist two women who were left stranded in Madison and desperate to attend their aunt's birthday party. Well, this was no ordinary party, she was turning 100!

KARE11 reported that Kerry Maggard and her sister Deb Eggers flew out of San Antonio Texas with a connecting flight in Minneapolis, then fly to Sioux Falls then drive to Edgerton, Minnesota. But, due to inclement weather they ended up landing in Madison and missed their connecting flight. With no flight options or one way car rentals available they turned to Uber.

Maggard said  “Quite a surprise when my notification came up and said Jesus is seven minutes away. When that popped up, I thought God has a sense of humor.” Florentino did not realize how far the trip was when he first pulled up but realized he could not turn them down.

The trip from Madison was 200 miles each way and thankfully Florentino made it back safely from the 400 mile trip. Uber charged the ladies $246 and they tipped him $54.  Maggard said "He was just a true answer to prayers that day and just the sweetest man." I agree he is an awesome guy to have done that for you, but how about a bigger tip next time huh?


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