The Mall of America is rolling out a new high-tech parking system that should help you find a spot the next time you make a visit.

The M.O.A recently installed the Park Assist Parking Guidance System in its east and west parking ramps, this system uses cameras, lights and signs to direct visitors to the best available spot.

A series of red, green and blue lights will indicate if a spot is open, taken or is designated a handicap spot. Signs posted throughout the ramp will indicate the number of spots available on certain levels and the lights will indicate where.

Parking information is also available online here. Before you make the trip you'll be able to see how many spots are available in each parking ramp, this might give you an indication of how busy it is and might help you make your trip to the Mall of America a more enjoyable one. Happy Shopping!

The video below is from the company the developed the Park Assist system and will give you an idea of how it works.

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