Mariah Carey, who looks as stunning as ever, appeared on ‘Good Morning America’ to talk about heart health month, Dem Babies, new music and of course, the loss of fellow diva Whitney Houston and her recently hospitalized husband Nick Cannon. Carey and Cannon had a serious scare when he went into mild kidney failure in January.

Carey was quite candid during her chat with Robin Roberts, speaking from the heart about the late, great Houston, who passed at 48 just over a week ago.

“It was great and I don’t think people could ever understand our relationship,” Carey mused. “There was this supposed rivalry in the beginning, then we did the duet and became friends. I loved her.”

It’s been a rocky month for people in Carey’s life. Roc and Roe’s mother also spoke about Cannon’s health scare, saying, “We didn’t know how big a deal it was at that moment” about Cannon’s first stay in the hospital. Then things got worse. She admitted, “It was a gradual thing. We ended up in a couple hospitals this year already.”

Carey voiced her support for Cannon, who quit his morning drive radio show last week, since he was working way too hard and neglecting his health. She said, “The best thing I think was the choice that he made to leave the radio show and just focus on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘Up All Night.’ The thing is, he’s a young healthy person. It’s about changing the lifestyle and just an awareness of what can really happen to you no matter how young or in great shape you are.”

Cannon’s missus did express that she believes he will make a glass of lemonade out of this lemon, saying, “I think, like he always does, he’s going to turn something that happened into a positive thing.”

That’s great news.

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