When you think of claims about Bigfoot, you might assume they come from sensationalistic people looking for attention. This doesn't seem to be that. It's a series of interviews with Missourians who have seen Sasquatch themselves and they seem to be regular down-to-Earth guys that really believe they've seen something extraordinary.

I must admit that sometimes I roll my eyes when I hear there's a new Bigfoot documentary, but this one is different. Here's a snippet of how the filmmaker describes what you're about to see:

In this episode I interview Mathew, Bill, Mike, and Steve! All in which have either had a sighting or an experience in the forests of "Missouri!" There are many people who have had an encounter in the state of Missouri or North America alone!

You'll notice that almost all of these sightings are based around encounters in Missouri's Mark Twain Forest. I truly believe that Matthew, Bill, Mike and Steve believe what they're saying. See what you think.

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I can summarize a little bit of what each guy had to say if you don't have time to devote to watching the entire documentary.

1. Mathew saw movement in the woods while he was driving. He expected to see deer come out of the trees, but instead it was a large humanoid walking upright covered with hair. As he described it, the beast was "brown as a paper bag" and the bottom of his foot was jet black as he walked. It crossed the road in front of him and didn't seem concerned there was a vehicle approaching it.

2. Bill was camping out in Mark Twain Forest when he had his encounter. He heard lots of sounds while trying to sleep including a lot of owls. One on the other side of a corn field seemed to be especially alarmed. 20 to 25 feet from his tent, he heard large grunts coming from what sounded like a bull. He looked where the sound was coming from and could only see a large, tall figure. He couldn't see detail, but has no question in his mind that it was a sasquatch. He believed the creature did not like humans nearby at night. He fired 5 warning shots approximately 12 feet over the creature's head. That led to even more growls and threatening sounds. He believes there were many of those creatures in the woods. He spent the rest of the night sitting in his tent with his firearm waiting for the sun to come up so he could pack up his tent and leave.

3. Mike described his first experience involved finding large footprints. The first one he spotted happened right before the pandemic began in March of 2020. He decided that he would spend time in the wild since the woods were not shut down. He and his son spent a lot of time at a fishing pond in the Missouri woods. They heard trees snap and saw a large rock being thrown through the trees. No human could have thrown a rock that big. The beast was around 75 yards away from them when it happened.

4. Steve went to St. Louis one winter to visit family and he was traveling through the Mark Twain Forest during the trip. He could see some huge creature that was around 75 yards away from him with snow up to its knees, but the rest of the creature towered above. Later, he would encounter what he described as a bigfoot while mountain biking at the edge of the woods.

Did these guys see a bigfoot or sasquatch? Only they know for sure. I do truly believe that they believe what they're saying. With so many eyewitnesses, it makes me believe there is something weird that exists in the Mark Twain National Forest of Missouri.

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