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Demi Lovato’s Ex Broods on Beach Where He Proposed, Wants Fans to Stop Bullying Him Online

It seems like the breakup between Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich is still pretty dramatic, at least for Max. The actor has taken to social media to ask fans to stop harassing him online, and he was also spotted in a via captured by TMZ of him sulking at the beach where he proposed to the pop star. (via TMZ)

Study Finds Women Better Than Men at Wearing Masks, Following COVID Precautions

According to a study by researchers at New York University and Yale University, women are more likely than men to wash their hands, stay home, social distance and follow other COVID-19 precautions—though, when it comes to seeing friends and family, there was no difference noted. To gather data about mask-wearing habits, men and women on the streets of New York City; New Haven, Connecticut; and New Brunswick, New Jersey were observed. Out of the 127 women spotted wearing masks, 55 percent wore them correctly, while out of the 173 men who wore masks, only 33 percent had them on right. (via People)

Waitress Not Given Tip, Received the Word ‘Mask’ on Receipt 

Jaime Ledwith, a server at John Henry’s Pub in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, asked a group of customers to put their masks on when they got up from their table to go to the restroom. When it came time for the bill, however, instead of leaving a tip, the customers wrote “mask” on the receipt. According to Ledwith, all she said to the customers was, “If you’re walking through the bar, or standing, just put your mask on until you’re seated.”  The owner of the pub, Kathy Carli, shared an image of the receipt on Facebook. (via WPST)

Kanye Reveals Campaign Merch Sales, Says ‘Friends’ Are Writing Him in on Ballots 

Although he missed the deadline to get on the presidential ballot in major key states, Kanye West is still running for president. His “friends” are writing him in, he says. On Twitter, the rapper shared photos revealing how much campaign merchandise he has sold, alongside a ballot with his name penned in as a write-in candidate. (via TooFab)

Venomous Caterpillar Spotted in Virginia

The puss caterpillar has been spotted numerous times in Virginia. Though it's a cute, fluffy little critter, if touched, its venomous spines will “cause a painful reaction." (Via People)

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