The medical marijuana debate is in full swing in the state of Minnesota as legislation to legalize the drug for medical use is near passage, and could hit Governor Dayton's desk this year, but he had said some things recently that supporters of medical marijuana didn't like, and they are taking to the airwaves to let him know.

The 30 second TV spot was produced and paid for by the Marijuana Policy Project and it tells the story of a St. Paul mother and her 5-year-old son, who suffers from seizures and according to her and the organization, her son would benefit from medical marijuana.

Dayton has decided not to support legalization without the support of Minnesota law-enforcement groups, but he also says that he isn't the only obstacle to the bill's passage.

It breaks my heart that there is something out there that can help this little boy, but due to politics and the stubbornness of some people, this boy and others like him have to suffer.

The fight will continue, what do you think? Do you support medical marijuana? Please comment below, thanks!