Is Meghan Trainor supporting anti-marriage equality measures in Australia? To take a page from her own book: N-O.

Yesterday (August 23), Trainor's fans began flooding the singer's Twitter mentions with confusion over whether she'd intentionally appeared in an advertisement that urged citizens to vote "No" on an Australian measure to legalize same-sex marriage. Trainor, a vocal proponent of the LGBT community, immediately shut down the rumor, and slammed the responsible parties.

"SUPPORT MARRIAGE EQUALITY! Someone in Australia is illegally using my picture for a campaign against marriage equality. So wrong. Not okay," Trainor wrote to great relief from fans. "I'm so sorry you're identity is being used for negativity! Apparently they're ashamed to use their own identity!" one wrote, while another noted "Preach queen we know you're all for equality."

Trainor's been a reliable supporter of gay marriage legalization for years, and told Express in 2015 that if she could pass any law it would be to "pass gay marriage everywhere [because] everyone should be able to love who they want."

Australia will put same-sex legalization up to a postal vote on September 12. Citizens 18 and older can register to vote until the end of August 24.

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