Michael Phelps really got into character when performing Eminem's hit single "Lose Yourself" on the most recent episode of Lip Sync Battle: All Stars. Phelp's lip sync skills were on full display on last night's (Sept. 12) episode of the Spike TV gameshow. Just look at that crowd control in the clip above.

Phelps looked more nervous doing this rendition than he did swimming for Gold medals at this past summer's 2016 Olympics. The most decorated Olympian in the history of the games could actually have a future in performance art after this. Eminem saw Phelp's convincing rendition and tweeted out the link with a coy comment, saying "But wait until you see me swim."

It's no secret Phelps is a hip-hop fan. During the 2016 games, he said Future's "Stick Talk" helped him go for gold and has said in many interviews that Eminem, Jeezy and Lil Wayne are all in his pre-swim playlist. Phelps was deemed the privilege and responsibility of introducing Future at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

“One thing that’s been constant through my entire career is the motivation and inspiration that I get from hip-hop,” said Michael before the Atlanta rapper performed "Fuck Up Some Commas" for the Madison Square Garden audience. "“There’s no rapper today more inspiring than Future. His optimism is right there in his name."

Other hip-hop acts that have made an appearance on Lip Sync Battle have included Common, John Legend and Iggy Azalea. Check out Michael rocking the crowd above and Em's nod on social media below.

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