In the most 'Jersey Shore' thing to ever happen, Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino was reportedly arrested yesterday after getting into a fight at his tanning salon in Middletown, New Jersey.

The reality star was alledgedly arrested and charged with simple assault after getting into it with his brother Frank, who co-owns the salon with him. According to CNN, the 'Jersey Shore' star was the only one charged in the fight and left the police station after posting a $500 bond.

In a Splash News video posted on TMZ, Sorrentino is seen leaving the station with a bruise under his eye. He explained what went down, saying:

"Man … my brother Frank … HR was not running the store correctly," he told a videographer. "So I had to go in there and clean house … in more ways than one," he said with a smile.

According to TMZ, employees at Sorrentino's tanning salon called police last week after their paychecks bounced. Yikes.

Looks like they seriously need to figure out the "tanning" equation of GTL.

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