Miley Cyrus refuses to perform at the 2019 MTV VMAs after receiving zero nominations.

As most fans know, the pop star has a complicated and controversial history with the awards show. Over the years, she shocked fans with her outrageous outfits, but who can forget her "Blurred Lines" performance with Robin Thicke in 2013? Or when she and Nicki Minaj almost got into a fight when she hosted in 2015?

This year, she's making headlines after saying there's no way she's attending or performing because her music videos for "Mother's Daughter" and "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" were both snubbed.

Cyrus was clearly unhappy with the snub and revealed she'll be opting out of the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards on Instagram. After not getting a single nomination, an Instagram user posted a photo of Cyrus alongside the caption, "Guess I'm not watching the VMAs this year... unless Miley performs."

The singer confirmed she isn't by writing, "No f--kin way" in the comments section.

"They care more about a f--king green screen than a message to the world. Nominate anyone but at least do not use the image of Miley to promote their damn prizes @vmas and #SheIsComing #Peace," another fan wrote on Instagram, to which Cyrus responded, "Exactly."

Cyrus isn't the only one who isn't going to this year's show. Ariana Grande, who received a whopping 10 nominations, announced she can't attend because of conflicting tour dates. Meanwhile, Madonna and Katy Perry were also snubbed. It's unclear, who will be performing but the 2019 VMAs air Monday, August 26 on MTV.

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