We're starting to suspect that Miley Cyrus might love dogs more than she loves her fiancé, Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth. The singer/actress has rescued another pooch, this one named Bean!

Cyrus tweeted a photo of herself cradling the yellow pup, who is absolutely adorable, and laying a smooch on the dog's face. Bean is in fact cute enough to make us forget that Cyrus hacked off her hair a few months ago and that her locks keep going shorter.

She captioned the photo with a simple note, a few hearts and a plug of Spot Rescue.

We applaud Cyrus for opening her heart and her home to so many pets. Her beloved dog Lila died right before the holidays, and she was so devastated that she even tweeted that she was struggling to get out of bed. It sparked support from her friend Demi Lovato. Lila was only two, so the loss was probably extra tough for Cyrus, since the dog was so young. What better salve to heal her heart than a new pup who was rescued?

Cyrus is a true canine queen! Her friends and family should just give Cyrus and Hemworth PetSmart gift cards as wedding presents. We bet the singer is planning on incorporating her dog family into the actual ceremony.

PopCrushers, how cute is Bean? Couldn't you just eat the puppy up? Look at those eyes. Just presh!

Miley Bean

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