I like to think that I am trying to be conscious of my carbon footprint by recycling, trying to do all my trips at once etc. But I admit I am guilty of using plastic bags.

I must say I do re-use them to line small garbage cans, use it as a lunch bag and a few other things, but in the end it will go in the garbage and off to a land fill. I have also seen the dirty looks I get from people who bring their own cloth bags to the grocery store and I think to myself I need to get some of those. But, to be honest I am lucky If I remember my wallet half the time .

But, I can tell you I would make an effort If I was charged a certain amount of money per plastic/paper bag they used, and this might be a reality for consumers in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis City Council initially voted to ban plastic bags but that was shot down.

According to Fox 9, a new proposal on the table is for retailers to charge $0.05 per paper or plastic bag.The City Council is expected to vote on this issue at their next meeting and if it passes will take effect June 2018. How would you feel if this type of tax was imposed on retailers in the Twin Ports? Would this motivate you to use your own bags?


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