Minneapolis will always have a special place in my heart, I moved there right after college and loved living in the heart of all the action. I love the urban environment, but the fact that it's not to big so you feel lost in the shuffle. Now more and more tourists are flocking to the minne-apple as well!

Recently on the TODAY show, the travel expert named the hottest Travel destinations for 2013 and Minneapolis was the only city picked in the contiguous United States. Pretty impressive, but of course the Today show hosts had to joke about how cold it is, etc.

Apparently the Nordic Cuisine and heritage of Minnesota in general is fueling Minneapolis to be considered a "Foodie" destination. For someone like me who plays it very safe when it comes to food, I have not embraced this phenomenon. But, whatever the reason Congratulations Minneapolis, it's about time that the Midwest City destination get's pulled away from Chicago.