For anybody who is tempted to try and squeeze into a tiny baby swing, think again. A woman recently tried in a South Minneapolis Park and got stuck of course, because they are made for babies. Fortunately she was with a friend who had to call the Minneapolis Fire Department for help!

I am pretty sure that firefighters have seen many weird scenarios over the years, but this has to be quite the head scratcher. I remember as a kid when I was in first grade a friend of mine Mom was painting their picnic table and somehow as she leaned in to paint underneath the table she got stuck. She was yelling for her daughter to come help her and I remember the two of us pulling on her legs and her Mom began to scream. Just to clarify we were both only in 1st grade so we had no idea how to help. Luckily we both knew to call 911 and the fire truck came in an instant. They actually had to cut the picnic table apart and I remember my friend was crying the whole time thinking they were going to have to cut her mom. Of course after the whole thing went down I ran home and told my mom and at first she did not believe me. It does seem like a fairly far fetched story coming from a 6 year old, but I swear it is true!

  • According to the cost of one of these swings is around $85 and here is the description:
  • Ideal for ages 2-5 years
  • 1/4" thick EPDM rubber swing
  • Opening is approximately 12" front to back, 10" side to side
  • Includes a molded-in steel insert for strength and vandal resistance

I could not find any pictures or video from this story, but below is a video from the comments section of South Minneapolis Crime Watch & Information 5th Precinct page. All I can say is for the lady that got stuck is so lucky that her friend did not take pictures or a video because once that is posted online it lives forever. Check out the video below to see how this could even happen.

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