Duluth-based Cirrus Aircraft just unveiled big changes to its best-selling airplane, making the interior more car-like than I've ever seen in an aircraft.

The SR Series is the world's best-selling, single-engine piston personal aircraft, with nearly 10,000 aircraft delivered since 1999. The latest version of the popular airplane, the SR Series G7, is "the most significant generational change in the product's history" according to a new promotional video.

The new SR Series G7 will feature touchscreen interfaces, improved visibility, large high-resolution screens, increased legroom, enhanced convenience features, connectivity to the Cirrus IQ mobile app and more features that will excite pilots. All these changes are designed to "create an approachable personal aviation experience," and after watching the video about the new G7, I feel that I could jump into the cockpit and fly it.

Cirrus Aircraft

The G7 looks more like a new car interior than an airplane interior, for example, like a modern vehicle, the plane features a new push button start, no need to take the plane keys out of your pocket. The newly redesigned plane will also see upgrades to comfort and convenience options like better ambient and accent lighting, improved compartments and pockets for storage, sturdy cupholders, and USB-C outlets for charging electronics.

The redesigned plane not only looks different on the inside, but Cirrus is also offering five new exterior and interior aesthetic options and the plane features a new smart battery that will take 20 pounds off the weight of the plane.

According to FlightGlobal.com, the starting price for the G7 model will start at $634,900 and depending on your options the price could reach nearly $1 million.

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