For places that have large parking areas, this new snow plow technology could be a game changer.

What Minnesota Company is Making The New Plow?

Storm Equipment, a snow plow distributor located in Madison Lake, MN, has teamed up with Telco, a company that specializes in autonomous technology for heavy construction equipment, to make America's first and only remote-operated and autonomous industrial snow plow.

The new technology allows for managers of large paved areas to retrofit any make or model of heavy equipment for remote operation or autonomous use, allowing the plows to be supervised and controlled from a central command center.

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What's The Advantage of This New Remote Snow Plow?

This new technology will help with staffing shortages according to the companies, instead of multiple drivers operating plows, often during overnight hours, several plows can all be controlled with just one operator.

"With the click of a button, they can move to a different loader and plow on a jobsite across town, or even in a different state. This effectively could quadruple the productivity of a single skilled staff member, creating massive operational efficiencies for the snow contractor," said Jordan Smith, Owner, Storm Equipment.


In many cases, the heavy equipment used to plow snow during the winter months are used during other seasons to complete different tasks, like loading gravel, this new technology allows for those same vehicles to be fitted with the remote control gear, giving owners of this heavy equipment more flexibility in how they use it.

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