The Minnesota Department of Education has announced three different proposals for what learning could look like this fall. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, school have been forced to close. Students have been learning at home for the last few months, and returning to classes has been in question for the fall. Here's what the different proposals look like.

According to Kare 11, this is what it could look like.

  1. Students return to classroms and follow recommended guidelines given by the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health.
  2. Hold classes in a combination of students learning at school and at home, practicing social distancing.
  3. Implement distance learning, and have no children in the classroom like we basically have already been doing.

Now the Minnesota Department of Education has until the week of July 27th to come up with their decision. They will review the current situation at that time. The MDE says they will consult with the Minnesota Department of Health and Governor Tim Walz in their decision making.

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The State of Minnesota continues to see newly reported coronavirus cases decline. Many experts believe that the coronavirus doesn't transmit as easily in outdoor settings, and with more people outdoors we are seeing less transmission. It is feared that another wave could come in the fall when people begin spending more time indoors.

Many parents have struggled with finding daycare options for their kids that have been out of school. Speaking personally as a parent, I know how much my kids miss the interaction with their classmates and friends, but at the same time I understand how fast viruses can spread in school settings. We'll know more about what is happening by the end of July.

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