Two doctors from the University of Minnesota are recommending the elimination of football from public schools to reduce the pressure on kids engaging in concussion riddled sports. 

Looks like no more Friday night lights. Dr. Steven Miles (bioethics professor) and Dr. Shailendra Prasad both reviewed studies on concussions and Miles said it would be unrealistic to outright ban football, but they make a hard bargain when 5 to 20 percent of players get concussions every season.

They disagreed with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recent call to preserve tackle football while increasing flag football and noncontact alternatives. They called the group “optimistically speculative” in its belief that neck strengthening exercises and other approaches can reduce concussions without major changes to the game.

I played football from 6th grade until I was a junior in high school and I loved it. However I ended up getting a concussion my freshman year and I kept at it afterwards. While I don't believe football should be banned altogether, I do believe there needs to be more information and help provided when kids get concussions.

I just can't see some states being behind this. But there needs to be more safety regulations regarding concussions and kids should be careful when it comes to sports. You can read the full article here and let me know if you think football should be banned in the comments below.