UPDATE: 2/21/2022:

Fourteen Foods which operates this particular Dairy Queen in Owatonna Minnesota has said they finished their investigation into the incident below. The Dairy Queen was temporarily closed while they investigated the incident, but now have stated that they will remain closed until Spring of 2022 " in order to ensure that they can properly re-staff the store and focus on training efforts during that time."

The company said to Bring Me The News: The company continued: "Fourteen Foods is committed to demonstrating our values and mission to all DQ customers and the communities in which we serve."  I am guessing by the sounds of this that they got rid of all their staff and are starting over. Hopefully they will be able to hire enough new employees, since so many businesses are finding it hard to find employees.


An investigation is currently underway at a Dairy Queen Grill and Chill in in Owatonna after a video has gone viral on TikTok and Facebook. As of now, there is no back story on what went down in the restaurant to have caused this situation to unfold, but obviously, the employees are extremely irritated with this customer.

The pandemic has caused many people both customers and workers to be pushed to the point where not a day goes by where you don't see videos of people yelling at each other or even physical confrontations. Not that this is an excuse for either party to act this way, but it seems to be our new reality.

In the video, you can see the customer standing outside obviously waiting for her food, which one of the workers proceeds to open the door and dump her food on the ground. When the customer sees what happens she attempts to kick the bag of food and falls down on the ice followed by a round of laughter from the people inside who I am guessing are other employees. Let's hope that woman was not seriously injured when she fell or there may be a lawsuit following this incident.

According to Bring Me The News Fourteen Foods which operates this restaurant released the following statement:

Fourteen Foods shares your concerns about what was shown in the video this past Sunday. ... Know that we are taking this matter extremely seriously. The store will remain closed until the investigation is complete. Our number one goal is to be able to continue to serve the Owatonna community to the best of our ability.

Whatever the situation might be this is a bad look for the restaurant and in a small town, word travels fast. The population in Owatonna is a little over 25,000 people similar to Superior, and so the behavior of these girls will not, and did not go unnoticed. Obviously, by the look of this video, they are caught red-handed with how they treated this customer.

The customer is not always right and some people can be downright rude, but it is never ok to be demeaning to someone customer or employee in any way. Life is hard and at some point in our life, we all will run into someone who rubs us the wrong way, that is when you need to be mature about the situation. If it is more than you can handle get someone to try and help you so that things do not escalate.  Here is a clip of the video below:


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