This is an unfortunate and horrific story, one man is dead after being beaten and stabbed with a golf club while working at a grocery store.

Robert Skafte, 66, was working at the Oak Grove Grocery on Friday in the Loring Park neighborhood of Minneapolis when Taylor Schulz entered the store and grabbed a few items. Schulz proceeded to the counter with his items and started to attack Skafte who tried to escape the attack.

The Victim Tried to Escape But Was Pulled Back

According to the Hennepin County Attorney, Schulz went behind the counter and attacked the victim with a golf club, violently beating him and choking him. At some point, the head of the golf club broke off and that's when Schulz repeatedly stabbed Skafte with the shaft of the club.

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Just under two minutes after the attack started another customer entered the store and saw Skafte lying on the floor bleeding, the customer called 911 and Skafte was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Schulz was seen entering his apartment after the attack, which was across the street from the grocery store, he had blood on his face and shirt. Police responded to his apartment in the high-rise building and he refused to come out. After a six-hour stand-off with police, he surrendered without incident. Schulz has been charged with second-degree murder, which can put him in jail for 40 years.

Suspect Has a History of Issues

According to NBC News, Schulz was ordered by a judge in 2021 to undergo 6 months of mental health treatment, and he assaulted neighbors in the past, so much so that he was served an eviction notice one month before the attack.

Victim Remembered

Skafte was a ballet dancer and spent a lot of time working to make the community a better place according to friends and neighbors. Lara Lau-Schommer, Executive Director of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society said, "Today, as we mourn the loss of Robert Skafte, we also celebrate his incredible legacy. He was more than just a community gardener or a program member; he was a friend, a mentor and a shining example of selfless service."

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