I do believe I have finally found someone who is as obsessed with laundry as I am. Maybe that is not the right word, but I do wash my clothes a lot. Probably to the point of excessive which I am trying to work on because it is such a waste of water and energy.

Patric Richardson, known better as the “The Laundry Evangelist"  has taken his love for doing laundry to the next level. Richardson is a business man and entrepreneur who conducts laundry camps out of his store called "Mona Williams" at the Mall Of America. His laundry camps helped open the door for his new book titled " Laundry Love: Finding Joy in a Common Chore" which is being published on March 30.

His television show "The Laundry Guy" will start March 31 on Discovery+ and also on HGTV at 9pm. The premise of the show is  Richardson will be helping clients who have stains and other problems with certain items that mean a lot to them, from wedding dresses to stuffed animals. Then, he cleans and restores the item, for them. He also will provide tips and tricks about laundry and cleaning to making the perfect cocktail.

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Originally from Kentucky Richardson moved to St. Paul in 1999 and continues to live there with his partner Ross Raihala. I love him already just watching the promo for his show, I will tune in for sure. I think he is fabulous! Richardson said:

I am thrilled that all of these things have come together. Seeing two projects that I worked so hard on, “Laundry Love” and “The Laundry Guy,” come to life is incredible. I hope people get as excited about laundry as I am about March.

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