Castle Danger Brewery has earned tremendous popularity and because of their success, a Minnesota state law will force them to stop growler sales this year.

According to, a state law dictates that growlers cannot be sold out of brewery taprooms after a brewer passes 20,000 barrels of beer sold annually, which Castle Danger has accomplished.  Therefore, beginning October 1, 2019, they will no longer be able to sell growlers.

This law was passed in order to support three-tiered distribution systems, that includes producers, distributors and retailers.

Castle Danger Brewery says that growler sales account for up to 30% of all taproom sales and the impact of this law will likely result in the elimination of jobs within the company.

Other area breweries, such as Bent Paddle, expect to have this law impact them in the near future and they are trying the best they can to prepare.

To me, I think this is a government overreach that punishes a business for its success while impacting the craft beer culture.  There is opposition to this law, so expect this to be a point of interest in upcoming legislative sessions.

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