As temperatures heat up, ice cream season is getting into full swing in Minnesota. Personally, I enjoy some good ice cream all year long, and not just during the summer months, but it's hard to beat a sweet, cool treat on a hot Minnesota day!

A retail solutions company named Trace One recently put together a list of the most popular ice cream brands in each state around the country. I'll admit that I was surprised that it was absolutely not the brand I was expecting.

Before actually seeing the results of Trace One's study that used Google Trends data, I was guessing it would be Minnesota's own Kemps.

Kemps is a brand that was founded in Minneapolis way back in 1914, growing to be a big player in the dairy products industry, including ice cream. Somehow (at least according to the data Trace One used), Kemps wasn't named Minnesota's most popular ice cream brand.

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I think the reason is that the list is based on "national brands" of ice cream, so maybe Kemps isn't as widespread of an ice cream brand as I thought it was.

Photo by Michelle Tsang on Unsplash
Photo by Michelle Tsang on Unsplash

As it turns out, Oregon-based Tillamook Ice Cream is Minnesota's most popular national ice cream brand according to the study. The popular brand is also the top variety in 7 other states, including West Virginia, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest.

The brand is also ranked the 11th-best ice cream brand worldwide, according to Marking 91.

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When it comes to what the most popular brand is across the country, Blue Bell is the winner. The Texas-based company is the top brand in 22 states.

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