The snow is flying again this week and driving presents a challenge.  However, a Wyoming, Minnesota police officer wants everyone to know about a safety device available to them.

Officer Tony Zerwas posted this very helpful and instructional video on their police department Facebook page and while you are likely aware of this amazing feature, I bet you've encountered plenty of people who are not.  Check it out below.

This video proves a point in a funny way, but remember that not only will it help you be safe, but it's also a Minnesota state law.  Here is the exact statute:

§Subdivision 1.Lights to be displayed.
(a) Every vehicle upon a highway within this state:

(1) at any time from sunset to sunrise;

(2) at any time when it is raining, snowing, sleeting, or hailing; and

(3) at any other time when visibility is impaired by weather, smoke, fog or other conditions or there is not sufficient light to render clearly discernible persons and vehicles on the highway at a distance of 500 feet ahead;

shall display lighted headlamps, lighted tail lamps, and illuminating devices, as hereinafter, respectively, required for different classes of vehicles, subject to exceptions with respect to parked vehicles and law enforcement vehicles, as hereinafter stated. In addition to the other requirements of this paragraph, every school bus transporting children upon a highway within this state, at any time from a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after sunset, shall display lighted headlamps, lighted tail lamps, and illuminating devices as required by this paragraph, except that the operator shall use the lowermost distribution of light specified in section 169.60 unless conditions warrant otherwise.

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