Hark! Ye fans of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, thee hast a reason to celebrate. The organizers of 'Ren Fest', as it is known, made an announcement via their social media late last week that the event would return in full form this year.

Like many other events, the 2020 Renaissance Festival didn't happen in the normal form. Organizers held a handful of drive-through events through the season, but it sounds like things are a-go for 2021.

The team behind the event acknowledged that they continue to keep an eye on the state's latest pandemic recommendations/requirements, but plan on holding this year's event without any restrictions as of right now. They do mention that they will add any new information on the subject on their website as it becomes available.

The 2021 event is scheduled to kick off Saturday, August 21, and run weekends through Sunday, October 3. The event will also include all of Labor Day weekend, including Monday, September 6.

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Having the opportunity to enjoy the Renaissance Festival in person once again is exciting in itself, but organizers also note that this year will be the 50th year of the event. While inviting the public to join them for what they surmise will be a "magical" season, they note tickets are on sale now. Furthermore, if you bought tickets or season passes for 2020, you will be able to use them this year. Organizers say they will honor both as they welcome people back after a year away.

As they say in their post, 'huzzah'! Another event to add to the calendar this year after a year of so few in-person events in 2020.

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