Living in the Twin Ports we are used to going back and forth between Minnesota and Wisconsin, but in some areas of Minnesota it is not a quick trip over the bridge. We all know how it is more important than ever to support local businesses, especially restaurants in Minnesota that can do take out only right now and bars that have a curfew of 10pm where you can purchase to-go growlers or food if they offer it.

What many are not realizing is that going to these bars and restaurants across the border and then returning home you are putting everyone you are in contact with at possible risk from going to that bar or restaurant. That is what is so frustrating with this pandemic is that the numbers of people testing positive for COVID-19 keep going up along with people becoming seriously ill or dying.

I personally know of a handful of people who have contracted COVID-19 fortunately all of them have recovered without any major illness or side effects. But, like many medical professionals are saying this not necessarily about you as an individual getting sick, but making others around you sick with you maybe not even knowing you have it.

Businesses all over the country, especially small local businesses are hurting by this pandemic with either being closed completely, only open certain hours or just take out and with each state having it's own set of regulations like Minnesota and Wisconsin it is having a negative ripple effect on both sides of the border. Jason along with his husband Jeff own two restaurants in Duluth and one in Two Harbors. Jason wrote about the reality they are facing everyday in his Facebook post below.

The Mayor of Hudson Wi Rich O'Connor recently spoke with KARE11 and said that he is considering a 10pm curfew following a deadly stabbing last week. O'Conner said that he is concerned for peoples safety due to the flood of people from out of town coming to Hudson to their restaurants and bars. The Hudson city council is meeting tonight to discuss if this will be a citywide curfew or just apply to bars and restaurants.

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It is hard to know how many people from Minnesota are going to these places in Superior since many people live and work on both sides of the border. We all want this to be over and for our lives to be able to go back to normal, but again it is difficult when we are not all following the same plan. Only time will tell how long these restrictions will stay in place or if restrictions will be enhanced in Wisconsin, but the truth is it is now causing issues in both places because of it.

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