The most frustrating thing about shopping at either Sam's Club or Costco is having to wait to have your receipt checked before leaving the store. Soon you won't have to do that at Sam's Club.

Walmart owns Sam's Club and they announced yesterday that in 2024 all of its 600 clubs across the country will make the switch to using new technology that will eliminate the need for customers to stop and show receipts upon exiting the store.

Currently installed and being tested in 10 stores, the new tech uses cameras and sensors in real-time to capture the contents of shopping carts and verifies the individual items in a cart to confirm a purchase.

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The announcement was made during Walmart's keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where Walmart executives laid out their plans to use technology in the retail world.

Executive Vice President and Chief Merchant at Sam’s Club Megan Crozier said, "It's one thing to enable this easy kind of exit tech in a small-footprint store for a handful of items. You can get an apple, a cheese stick, maybe something as big as a box of cereal, but we're doing it at scale."

Sam's Club also has their popular Scan & Go feature on their app, allowing customers to scan items they want to buy using the Sam's Club app and quickly pay for the items without waiting in a checkout line. So adding this new exit technology should go a long way in making the shopping experience at Sam's even better.

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