A group of guys known as The Cormorant Boys TV (CBoys for short) have a Youtube channel that is basically them doing stunts in various machines. It is a combination Jack Ass and Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory but filmed in some small town in MInnesota.

They have done pretty well for themselves with over 500,000 followers and the one video I watched was pretty impressive. The video getting all the attention form the Press and the DNR as well is below. Here is the idea: The video stars say they found the “perfect spot” in Clay County, just south of Rollag, to throw down a little plywood and try to yeet their friend across a gravel road off Highway 32 on a jet ski. Check it out below:

The video has gotten over 400,000 views since it was posted at the end of October. The actual jump is around the 10 minute mark. But at the end you can see the guys got paid a little visit from a Minnesota DNR Officer.

" Conservation officer Jake Swedberg says yeah, he was one of the authorities that arrived on the scene. The incident is still “under investigation,” so there isn’t much he can say about it in detail, but he was able to confirm that this was the first time he had to talk to someone for jumping a jet ski across a road. There’s definitely some safety issues here, he says—not just the obvious ones, but you’ve got to be careful anytime you’re dealing with cold water."

For now the guys attorney has asked them nor to speak publicly about the case as actual charges are yet to be filed. But I am guessing whatever the outcome these guys will keep making videos and hopefully they will all stay in one piece as they seem to get more and more dangerous. For more on this story, click here.



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