In the Minnesota Wild's Tuesday night 5-1 blowout win over the Edmonton Oilers, things got a little heated in the 3rd period. So heated, in fact, that on Wednesday the league announced a fine for Ryan Hartman of the Minnesota Wild.

Oiler Evander Kane cross-checked Wild star Kirill Kaprizov, which lead to a scuffle between to the two teams. Ryan Hartman was especially irate at the cheap shot initiated by Kane and went after him.

After being separated, Hartman let Kane know, on no uncertain terms, exactly how he felt about him and the situation by flipping him the bird. He also made sure to yell what he was trying to say, in case the gesture wasn't noticed.

I think it's safe to say the gesture was noticed, and by more people than just Evander Kane.

Citing Unsportsmanlike Conduct, the NHL Department of Player Safety announced Wednesday they were fining Hartman $4,250, which the maximum allowable under the CBA. Hartman anticipated getting such fine and said after the game that it was "well worth it."

Hartman always planned on paying the fine himself, but since the fine was announced, hundreds of Minnesota Wild fans, as well as hockey fans across the NHL, quickly started raising money on Venmo to pay it for him. Care to guess who else donated money to help? Evander Kane's ex-wife!

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As appreciative as he is of all the money being raised on his behalf, he announced that he would be giving all money donated by 7:00 p.m. Friday to Children's Hospital in Minnesota.

I think all hockey fans who donated, and Evander Kane's ex-wife, can agree that it's a noble gesture and a great place for all of their money go.

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