A new survey of people around the country finds that Minnesotans fall in love faster than most states.

750 people were quizzed about love, and it found out that on average Minnesotans will say "I Love You" in less than a month, that ranks Minnesota 7th on the list of the states that fall in love the quickest, with just over 41% saying that it takes less than a month to fall in love with someone. The number one state is Ohio with a whopping 62% of people saying that it takes less than a month to fall in love.

In Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota it takes an average of 3 to 5 months to say "I Love You", and Iowa is with Minnesota in the less than a month category.

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So, who should say "I Love You" first? The survey found that 64% of people think that the man should say it first, and it also found that 51% of people prefer if the other person says "I Love You" first.

I like this next question, they asked people how long it takes for a person to say "I Love You" to their partner after they realize that they are in love? Only 15% of people say that they will tell the other person right away, but most people, 37%, say that they will wait a few days before saying it.

Montana leads all states with people saying that they've never been in love, with a shocking 50% of respondents saying that they've never told anyone that they love them, sad. The survey also found the 42% of people have regret over not saying "I love you" to a past partner.

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