In a world that seems so divisive and mean it is refreshing to here about someone who is just plain kind and awfully generous. Meet Mrs. Delicious aka Stacey Achterhoff. She has an ice cream bike cart that she rides around in Duluth in the summer and pays it forward along with the help of her customers with ice cream. Could there be anything better on a hot day in Duluth?

Her story began three years ago when a gentleman walked up to her cart and said he did not want any ice cream for himself he wanted to buy some for other people, and the concept took off. Pay it forward so others can enjoy a cold treat for free. Mrs. Delicious can be seen all over in parks the Lakewalk and occasionally down the sidewalks.

What a great idea, not only does this make people feel good knowing they are doing a kind gesture for someone else but they get to meet a truly amazing person like Mrs. Delicious who is a reminder that there is good in all of us. For more on her story Click Here

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