Looking back at 2017 these are 5 albums that dominated my listening time.

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    Pinewood Smile

    The Darkness

    This is the fifth album from the British rock band The Darkness and it sits at my number 5 album of 2017. The album features everything I love about the band, big guitar riffs, quirky lyrics and in your face rock and roll make Pinewood Smile one of my favs from the band.

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    Hopeless Fountain Kingdom


    I don't like this album as much as her Badlands album, but Halsey's second album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom delivers some great tracks and helps her find a bigger audience with the radio-friendly Bad at Love and Now or Never.

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    Game Of Thrones (Music From The HBO Series) Season 7

    Ramin Djawadi

    Ramin Djawadi has composed the music from the beginning of HBO's Game of Thrones and as the series approaches its story climax, the music is hitting all the right notes with the season 7 soundtrack released this year. Each season Djawadi adds and combines themes that he's created throughout the series into new and dramatic compositions that get better every season, I can't wait to hear what he cooks up for the final season.

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    Concrete and Gold

    Foo Fighters

    This album is virtually tied with my number one, but I have to give Foo Fighters second because Concrete and Gold isn't my favorite album of theirs, but it delivers with some BIG songs that sound different from anything else I've heard from them before.

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    Taylor Swift

    It's the biggest album of 2017 and my favorite album of the year, Taylor Swift's Reputation. It is Swift's sixth album and solidifies her as a big-time pop star. This album is full of sing-along bangers that should make Swifties happy and entertain casual fans. The songs that have been played on the radio to this point aren't even the best tracks on the album, songs like I did Something Bad and Dancing With Our Hands Tied are sure to climb the charts once released as singles.

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