In case you haven’t heard, Snooki has a bun in the oven. That’s the word from the pint-sized reality star herself.

The ‘Jersey Shore’ star is more known for her hard-partying lifestyle than she is for any parenting acumen, so we thought we’d lend a bit of a hand by giving her some advice when it comes to possible names for her little bundle of joy. Check out 10 possible names for Snooki’s baby, aka the child who could quite possibly bring about the end of the world.

1. “As Seen on TMZ”

2. A simple, one-syllable name so it will be easier for Child Protective Services to spell it after every visit

3. “At-Least-I’m-Not-Another-Kardashian”

4. “Rick Santorum’s Worst Nightmare”

5. “The Creature from the Tan Lagoon”

6. “Mini-Me-alticket”

7. “JWaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

8. “Yo, You There” (for when she’s too drunk to remember its name)

9. “The (Unexpected) Situation”

10. Any random man’s name from the phone book with a “Jr.” on the end. Really, the father could be anyone at this point.

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