Nick Carter broke a lot of veteran boy band fan hearts when he announced his engagement to Lauren Kitt, but he's ready to warm those same hearts back up. The Backstreet Boys singer revealed that he and Kitt may televise their nuptials ... once the new BSB record is done.

“There have been offers and opportunities to film the actually wedding, like a TV show,” Carter, 33, revealed (quotes via The Washington Post). “I was up for it to a certain degree, but then at the same time, I might not even do that. We might just keep it private. We’ll see what’s up.” The couple haven't set a date just yet, but they're eyeing "early next year." We bet touring and TV schedules are playing a role in that!

Other than his small screen wedding, Carter has other big screen plans, too: He's written three screenplays, including a horror flick in which he'd play a villain. “We’re shopping them now to big studios in Hollywood."

Carter revealed that the new Backstreet Boys record is "90 percent done" and gave a hint about their new collaboration with longtime BSB hitmaker Max Martin. “It’s a smash,” he gushed. “A beautiful song.”

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