A bunch of new laws are being put into effect in Minnesota starting August 1st and it makes you wonder why they weren't already laws.

One new law will make it so it is illegal to put bodily fluids into another person's drink. This law was inspired by the case of a Blaine man who ejaculated into a co-workers coffee mug.

Turns out there couldn't be any charges placed because there was nothing in state law that made that incident illegal. Starting August 1st it will now be a $3,000 fine to put any bodily fluids into someone's drink.

Other new laws include:

  • Extra fines for people who repeatedly text while driving, which will now cost $225 in addition to the existing fines.
  • A new "Right to Try" experimental drugs or medical devices for terminally ill patients.
  • A comprehensive family law reform that changes how child custody is determined in the case of divorce.

Those are just four of the twelve new laws taking effect, you can see the full list here from the Duluth News Tribune. Let me know what you think of these new laws by commenting below.