Beyonce posted some good news for fans of her old group today!  For the first time in eight years, you'll be able to enjoy new music from Destiny's Child.

On her website today, she wrote:

I am so proud to announce the first original Destiny's Child music in eight years! - Beyoncé

If you're a fan, (well, even if you're not a fan--but why would you do that?) you can pre-order the album titled "Love Songs" that will be released on January 29th HERE.

They announced their split back in 2005 when they were on tour--because each of the girls wanted to focus on their solo careers.

Check out the Love Songs track listing:

1. "Cater 2 U"

2. "Killing Time"

3. "Second Nature"

4. "Heaven"

5. "Now That She’s Gone"

6. "Brown Eyes"

7. "If"

8. "Emotion"

9. "If You Leave," featuring Next

10. "T-Shirt"

11. "Temptation"

12. "Say My Name"

13. "Love"

14. "Nuclear"


What's your favorite Destiny's Child song?