This week brings back some singers who may get the recognition they deserve and 80's punk/pop band Devo is celebrated again.

1.) Ciara- "Ciara"- I have always loved her and to this day 1 2 Step is still one of my favorite songs. With special guests  Future, Nicki Minaj and B.o.B..this should really put Ciara on the R&B map. Check out her new single " I'm Out " featuring Nicki Minaj  WARNING LANGUAGE! This song is Hot!

2.) Skylar Grey (co-wrote Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie") "Don't Look Down"- I love her voice it is so haunting, and I have been looking forward to more stuff for a long time. Check out her first single off this project called "Final Warning".

3.) Devo :"Hardcore" (two-CD collection of early recordings, circa 1974-1977) The band still to this day has a cult following and fans will be happy to hear some very early material from the band. This was years before "Whip It" hit the charts, so hang on to your flower pot hat.

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