One artist is garnering a ton of hype this week with his latest release, and it helps that his girlfriend is Katy Perry.

1.) John Mayer: "Paradise Valley" (guests: Katy Perry, Frank Ocean)- After a vocal cord scare John Mayer seems to have bounced back very well, and drew inspiration for his latest album from his stay out in Montana recovering from his throat surgery. Also teaming up with on again girl friend Katy Perry his duet "Who You Love" is sure to boost sales.

2.) Blue October : "Sway" This band was discovered way back in 1996 by Kid Rocks former manager and I loved them right out of the gate. They jumped back in rehearsals in January 2012 and by the end of the month were ready to record their latest album. The first single is called "Bleed Out"

3.) Lee DeWyze : "Frames" - Lee was the winner of American Idol back in 2010, I believe that is the last season I watched of the show too. I really liked him, he seemed really humble and was form one of my favorite cities....Chicago. He has had some mild success and is still rolling with this latest release.

Other Releases Out This Week:

-Nas : "The Essential Nas" (30 songs)

-The Replacements :"The Complete Collection" (97 songs)

-Britney Spears : "The Essential Britney Spears" (32 songs)