Pop music fans rejoice, Justin Timberlake is back and it was well worth the wait. A lot has happened since his last c.d. he is married now, has a few more movies under his belt, and more stints on Saturday Night Live. Plus some old favorites are back on the scene too.

1.) Justin Timberlake - "The 20/20 Experience" His first album since 2006 it has been a long wait for fans, but well worth it. He is in love, and loves to show his playful side. I truly believe that his sense of humor is a big part of his success, and of course pure raw talent.  Check out Suit and Tie Below:

2.) The Black Crowes : "Wiser for the Time" (26-song live collection, including a cover of Bob Dylan's "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You") I have never seen the Black Crowes Live, but from what I have heard they sound pretty darn good. What a treat for any B. C. Fan.

3.) Brian McKnight     "More Than Words" (guest: Colbie Caillat) Baby making music, oh yes he is back.

Other releases this week;

Poison     "ICON" (best-of)

Everclear     "ICON" (best-of)

Pat Benatar     "ICON" (best-of)

Blink-182     "ICON" (best-of)