In October, a new exhibition, My Name Is Prince, will open in London and display items from Paisley Park.

The exhibition is in ode to Prince's 2007 Earth Tour, a legendary residency where he hosted 21 straight shows at London's O2 Arena. The achievement is a record, and will be celebrated with this new exhibition.

According to The Guardian, “The guitars will include the Gibson L65 that Prince played in his first television appearance, on American Bandstand in 1980, and the orange Cloud guitar made for his 2007 Super Bowl halftime performance, as well as his gold and diamond ear clips, his “third eye” sunglasses with three lenses, and a diamond-encrusted cane topped with the squiggle symbol to which he changed his name for several years.”

The My Name Is Prince exhibition opens on Oct. 27, and like the Earth Tour, will run for 21 straight days. Purchase tickets here.

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