I'll admit I was bummed when I heard the news back in August that the two Chilly Billy's frozen yogurt shops in Duluth would be closing as the owners planned to retire. A piece of me hoped someone would swoop in and buy the two shops and keep that delicious dream alive.

That, thankfully is happening!

Two local businesspeople were announced this fall to be buying the two shops, one in the Bluestone area and the other in the Miller Hill Mall, keeping the delicious destination open in the Twin Ports area. While the new owners said they hope to preserve much of what made the brand so popular, there are some changes in store.

The two new owners addressed what changes are ahead for the brand, and what will be staying the same for Chilly Billy's.

What's changing at Chilly Billy's under the new ownership?

Google Street View
Google Street View

One of the most notable changes is that one of the shops will be moving to a new location.

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The original Chilly Billy's in Duluth, located in the Bluestone strip mall by UMD, will be heading to a new location in the spring of 2024. The reason for the move, as explained by the new owners, is because the lease was coming up for that location as the original closure announcement was made, and the new owners were "too late in the game and weren't able to resign our lease". The Miller Hill Mall location will stay where it is.

They will stay open at their Bluestone location through the end of February 2024, at which point they will move out and into a new location for the spring. They have not yet announced that new location, but we'll share it once we know what it is!

What else is changing?

Photo by Sean Bernstein on Unsplash
Photo by Sean Bernstein on Unsplash

In a blog post on the store's website, the new owners say they want to keep "the heart of what makes [Chilly Billy's] special". In that spirit, they won't be making any drastic changes.

They do point out that they look to continue putting in the work to make sure every visit is a "rad experience" by implementing some new training for staff to grow that top-notch visitor experience.

In addition, they say they look forward to adding some tasty new flavors and toppings, letting fans know they can get ready for "some mind-blowing new flavors and a bunch of extra toppings to pimp out your froyo". They also say they will be adding some specials and surprises in the form of "wicked deals, promos, and events" to add something extra to your visits.

The new owners say they have some more surprises in store that they'll share down the road, and they express excitement for the next chapter of the Chilly Billy's story.

I can't wait to see what they have in store!

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